Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul Grimault

French Animator: Paul Grimault (1905-1994)

The Legend of the Silk..


The beautiful game.

Beautiful photography by Jessica Hilltout from the Amen series.

The Beach Boys

Incredible style - terrible stage presence- hilarious video - but its charming.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Double Section Chair

The Double Section chair made of plywood 
by Guatemala based Piegatto design studio of Alejandro Estrada and Sandra de Estrada

I really enjoy the gesture and ribbed form of these chairs.  Steamed wood looks great- resembling the inside/underbelly of boats.

Kenton Nelson

California Artist: Kenton Nelson

"Curve: the loveliest distance between two points." Mae West


Mina was super popular in the 60's in Italy.
She is super beautiful - and the video is incredible. It is simple and subtle. But my favorite thing is what Mina does with her hands - and that little kiss at the end is magic.

Melvin Sokolsky

American artist: Melvin Sokolsky
For Harper's Bazaar 1963

The Rabbit in the Hat

Oil on Canvas
by Amy Sherald

Richard Avedon

"Photography is fiction."
I have recently become obsessed with RICHARD AVEDON.
He is a MASTER of shape and energy.

The Necktie

A great animation about a man with a necktie and an accordion.
by Jean-François Lévesque

The Unseen Sea

Beautiful time lapse by Pixar animator Simon Christen

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

Navis Photography

Navis Photography -expert in landscapes and pretty girls

Dancing Merengue Dog

Notice the dog-suspenders -

Global Youth

This is what the blog is going to be about:
California cool